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Village Yoga opened for classes in August 2002 and has since become one of Toronto's most respected and longest running yoga businesses. We know our clients by name, are familiar with their bodies, and provide lots of personal attention, both with verbal and hands-on assists. We specialize in Hatha and Therapeutic Yoga. We believe in teaching yoga, rather than leading yoga.

Village Yoga offers customized private lessons via live video streaming and in our clients' homes, and can accommodate all levels of yoga practitioner. We run our popular Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning Therapeutic Yoga group classes using live streaming video technology.

At Village Yoga, we seek to honour and share not only the fundamentals of proper anatomical alignment, but also the essence of yoga itself: the ability to be truly present, to live life one precious moment at a time. Whether you wish to attend one of our weekly group classes, or practice one-on-one or with friends, family or coworkers in private lessons, we hope you'll contact us to find out more.